expert Talk on Personal Branding – Interview with Devashree Shukla

Devashree Shukla – Currently working as a Digital Content Strategist for a B2B SaaS startup. She loves devising marketing and content strategies & loves creating stories to help scale businesses.

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1) When and why did you think of building a personal brand? 

I thought of creating content on LinkedIn in the last week of February. I didn’t do it with an agenda in mind but I just wanted to understand how LinkedIn can be helpful in my journey. That’s when I decided to post content consistently on LinkedIn. 

2) When did you start building your brand? 

I started building my personal brand actively in February. 

3) Are you using multiple platforms for the same or only one? Any specific reason to choose the platform? 

I’m using LinkedIn and Quora for now. LinkedIn has a good organic reach and people genuinely engage with your content and vice versa. 

4) What challenges are you facing in building your personal brand? What is your approach when you face such challenges?

The only challenge that one faces is consistency. That’s why I believe it’s important to have a content framework or strategy in place. Sometimes when I have a hectic schedule, I schedule my posts on Hootsuite. 

5) What is the importance of building a personal brand?

Building your brand can give you several opportunities and open a lot of doors for you. Once you start showing up, people start approaching you to network with you, avail your services and you might even get speaking gigs or get invited to speak on podcasts. 

6) How do you maintain consistency? What is your planning and methodology?

I make sure to post something every day and it’s not easy but over time one gets used to the process. You might schedule your posts or create a month’s content calendar in advance so you don’t have to come up with content ideas as you open the app. 

7) Do you think everyone should build a personal brand? If yes, then how can one start building a personal brand?

I think everyone should build a personal brand because people want to connect with people. The easiest way to build a brand is to start talking about your journey, experiences, learnings and craft them in the form of stories. People love stories. 

8) How can one manage it simultaneously with college/work?

Block a time in your calendar where you will create content. Set a reminder. This is cliched advice but it works. I’d you can’t do it every day, do it every alternate day. 

9) What plans do you have with respect to your personal brand in 2021?

I aim to start redesigning my website and start writing blogs. I want to own a space on the internet because being on social media is great but having a website presence helps equally.

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