How Pedigree India is using Digital Marketing?

I was reading the Digital Marketing Strategy that Pedigree adopted, especially during the pandemic.

These have been my learnings from the entire case study:
1. Clear Marketing Strategy – To bring out the best in dogs by feeding them complete and balanced nutrition.

2. Social Responsibilities – Actively involved in feeding the strays and partnering with several NGOs for dog welfare.

3. Specific Content for social media platforms – They leverage youtube to build awareness & break down the content for other platforms like Instagram, Facebook for better engagement.

4. Consistent Theme – Their posts have hues of yellow and red with images of dogs, making it easy for the audience to identify them.

5. Trending Formats – Memes, topical marketing, trending formats enable them to entertain and engage the audience.

6. Collaboration – They collaborated with Dunzo, schools, and colleges and promoted them across the social media channels.

7. Twitter – The brand also leverages Twitter to redirect customers to its Facebook, Instagram, and Blog pages.

8. Effective Content Strategy – They provide topical, parenting, health, and nutrition content to become better pet parents.

What do you think about this strategy? What else is essential to create a positive image of brands with the help of digital media?

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